Saturday, 2 June 2012

How to Import Google+ posts in Facebook & Facebook post to Google+

Google+ has many features which are unique in itself.. Google+ is still evolving as Social networking site. Facebook being its biggest competitor. One may argue that the rate at which Google+ is growing it may overtake Facebook.

Many of my friends who are hyperactive on Facebook are not a member of Google+. In my opinion Google+ is unique in itself. I think both these service must not compete but complement each other. Therefore I would like to tell you how to import Google+ post in Facebook & Vice versa is a wonderful service which lets you do this. It can automate any process & make Internet work for you. You need to get registered here to use this service. After registering you will see that it has 3 options
1. Tasks : These are the tasks you create using channels
2. Recipes : These are the predefined tasks which are created by other users
3. Channels : These are the services like Facebook, Google+, Dropbox, Pintrest,

Now to import posts from Google+ to Facebook you need to have Google+ id. This can be got by clicking on one's profile. You will see the Google+ id on the address bar

Now search for the recipe which helps you import Google+ post to Facebook in, you will find many such recipe you can select any one of them. You need to add your Google+ id to the Google+ rss feed & activate Facebook account.

Then specify what all you want to display in the Post i.e content, author etc. Now that you are set or created your task, trigger it for the first time & it will now start to post your Google+ content to your Facebook wall.

Do the same thing for importing Facebook content to Google+.

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    I appreciate if you could show how to do the same thing for importing Facebook content to Google+ step by step,

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